Q. What is a health retreat?
A. A health retreat is a week spent in a luxury location where we combine physical activities like yoga, personal training, meditation, with educational seminars to learn about nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. 

Q. What if I haven't done much yoga?
A. Not to worry. Our experienced instructor can easily cater for all levels. Making it easier for beginners and increasing the difficulty for more advanced individuals. 

Q. Is there much down time to relax?
A. Throughout the week, there is plenty of time to relax, read a book (or 2), get a massage, sun yourself, and explore the local surroundings. 

Q. Are all the activities compulsory? 
A. Nothing that we offer is compulsory. We want you to have the choice as to what you participate in. Some come for the yoga, some come for the PT, others come for the lot. Whatever it may be, everyone wants something different out of it. We simply encourage to do what you can, without taking away from the tranquility and relaxing aspect of our retreats. 

Q. How many people attend each retreat?
A. We keep all of our retreats to a maximum of 10 participants so we can provide the highest quality service to each person. Our retreats also offer 1:1 sessions with our experienced heal professionals also. 

Q. Will there be coffee available?
A. To help us remove certain items from your diet and help you relax, sleep better, and retrain some habits, ie. drinking more water in the warmer climates we travel to, we suggest you remove coffee before you come to our retreat. In saying that, coffee is still available for people who really need it. We also discuss topics like coffee in our seminars and talk about how to use it effectively so it works for you and not against you. 

Q. Will I need my own transport?
A. We organise all transport and transfers to and from our locations. 

Q. I'm a big eater, will there be enough food?
A. We enjoy a good variety of foods while on retreat. Food is a passion for us and we love to share it. You will not go hungry.

Q. I have very specific dietary requirements due to some allergies, can this be catered for?
A. We have had it all come on our retreats. We can cater for any allergy and yours is no exception. Anaphylactic, celiac, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, ovotarian. Whatever yours may be, we can manage it. 

Q. I'm a smoker, trying to quit, but currently still smoking. Is it ok to smoke?
A. We strongly suggest you quit smoking before coming on our retreat. No smoking will be allowed, as it will interfere with the others experience. 

Q. I do yoga all the time already, can I bring my own mat?
A. Please feel free to bring your own mat along to retreat. Using something your comfortable with is preferred. 

Q. Are massages available?
A. Massages are either included in your package, or can be added for an additional fee, depending on location. In some locations we add them into your package, whereas in other locations, we can add them in as an extra, for an additional fee. It depends on the location as per the cost per massage. 

Q. What does a typical day look like?
A. We start each morning with a sunrise yoga class around 7/7:30 and it goes for around 1 hour. We follow that up with a delicious, healthy breakfast. After breakfast while it is digesting, we then sit together and go through one of our many health seminars and discuss a variety of topics. After that is a group personal training session. Followed by lunch. From lunch until dinner, we allow free time for participants to maximise their relaxation, and not have to continually check the time to make sure they don't miss a scheduled activity. It is during this time where most of our participants will book a massage or other spa treatment (varies in different locations). After another healthy meal, we have a brief break before we take part in our evening meditation ritual. We encourage an early bed time of between 8:30-9:30 to ensure all guests get plenty of sleep and properly recharge their batteries. 
Day 4 on our retreats is commonly known as a rest day. Activities run as per normal in the morning but after breakfast there is no scheduled activities and we optimise this down time to show people around the area (for example in Bali, we check out organic cafes), see local beaches, or some prefer to just stay at the villa and relax/read/sleep. 

Q. Do I have to take part in every activity?
A. Not at all. None of our scheduled activities are compulsory. We have people come on these retreats for a variety of reasons. Some need to get away and rejuvenate, where others prefer to take part in some or all of the activities. 

Q. What should I pack?
A. Our retreats are very relaxed with the potential for one night out. A night out would consist of a nice dinner. You will spend the majority of your time in your exercise gear or bathers by the pool. No need to over pack extra clothes. There is washing facilities available at all of our locations. 

Q. How often do you run your retreats?
A. We aim to run between 4-6 retreats per year in different locations. Our aim is to head to Bali, Fiji, Port Douglas, Thailand, NZ and the USA. Just keep checking us out for updates or check out our retreat calendar.