"Take the plunge for yourself. Revive health retreats helped me to rediscover myself and my passion for life. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I signed up but it blew all expectations out of the water.

Yes, there is PT. Yes, there is yoga. Yes there is meditation. Yes, there is healthy eating. But it is so much more than those things. And the volcano! Do yourself a favour and book this in.

Go on a journey of self discovery and development. It will help you to find a healthier happier you, realign your goals and realign your life with the things that are most important to you."

- Christina, Bali, Nov 2017

"This retreat ended up being so much more than I initially anticipated. 
Not only was it an incredible week of health and fitness, a much needed escape from my everyday life, it was also a safe space for me to open up and reflect on my personal struggles. 
I was able to focus on my mindset and with the help of Liam, Nicole and Amelia, finally discover the reasons that were causing the conflicts in my mind.

My week in the beautiful Bali was one of the most incredible weeks I've ever had. I connected with the most amazing women, gained further knowledge of health and nutrition, discovered a new found love of yoga and meditation and rediscovered my wanderlust."

- Bec, Bali, Nov 2017

"Thank you for allowing me to come on your amazing ‘retreat’. I came over with no real expectations, but just wanting to ‘disconnect’ from the busyness of my working life!

You gave me the opportunity to meet some incredible, like-minded, strong women. It was great getting to you too!

The information and knowledge you shared was inspiring, true and real. I already knew quite a lot, with previous training and nutrition, however it filled in some ‘blank spots’ and I certainly learnt a lot more!

I take on board everything you’ve said about health and nutrition. It all makes perfect sense…and you’ve lived it! So of course it works. Thank you for sharing your passion, your advice and your ‘tell you how it is’ self. #washboardabs #gypsylife #peanutbutterforlife

- Carlie, Bali, Nov 2017

A Revive Luxury Health Retreat through the eyes of a participant. 

- Janna, Bali, May 2017

"Before attending the Bali Retreat in November this year, I knew I needed to change some hard wired lifestyle choices but had no idea how to change them.....or what to change them to.  I was confused by the constant bombardment of this exercise regime or that diet.....and apart from them all costing dollars I was not seeing any results and was finding them too difficult to consider sticking with for the rest of my life.

Believe me there were some nerves leading up to just before the start of the retreat.....what exactly would be expected of me on this retreat and who would I be spending the next week with in Bali?  Yes I was a little bit (let's be honest....a lot) panicky about the whole thing!

And then I arrived at the retreat......and found the closest thing to paradise on earth!  Liam's choice of location in Canggu was magical.  The accommodation was 5+ stars and it's layout was just perfect.....lots of spots all over the property to find chilled out alone time or to gather in small groups (or the whole group) for the various activities planned for the day or just to chat or to relax......and a lot of free time to simply stop and unwind.  And the other attendees.....such an great array of people who have become friends.

Liam is the consummate retreat organiser.....no detail was too small and nothing was left unplanned.....from the transfers to and from the retreat, the simply A-MAZ-ING meals each day......massages to ease all that tension and sore muscles.....and Liam created such a perfect blend of nurturing both the body and the mind on this retreat that you can't help but want to carry on with what you have learnt once you return home.

The blend of morning yoga and evening mediation fed the mind and the classes on nutrition and personal training (PT) fed the body......and the location and the food did both!  Sitting down with Liam, who has an incredible wealth of exercise and nutritional knowledge, was simply brilliant as he helped to cut through all the myths. I now have a diet and exercise regime I have been able to continue since returning home and that has become my lifestyle rather than a short term fix.

When I first considered attending this retreat I thought I was being very self indulgent (come on....a week long retreat in Bali??!!??) but it turned out to be a life changing turning point for me and I am so happy and grateful I did it......and I hope you will also find attending one of Liam's retreat just as beneficial."

Rebekah Hounslow - Bali, November 2016

"Nutrition was the subject I took the most out of... For me it was really important that we continued those once we were back home and not lapse into old habits. Loved the cooking lesson with Jed, that was really enjoyable."

Stuart Cox - Port Douglas, September 2015

"I had the best time. Found it very beneficial doing the yoga & meditation and getting lots of rest. I went back to work feeling refreshed, happy and glowing and even had people comment how happy I look. The nutrition was also very helpful. I also really enjoyed the trip to Mossman gorge as its nice to explore while you are doing exercise. Training sessions were great too. Food! What can I say? Was so fresh & tasty and did not feel like I was on a retreat." 

Sharon Hughes - Port Douglas, September 2015

"Thank you Liam & Brodie for putting together a well rounded retreat. I was able to have that time to work on the most important thing, connecting back to love. The support, accommodation, teachings and food was top quality. Brodie, our yoga and meditation instructor is just a beautiful soul and you both made me feel welcome to approach you both with any questions I had.

What an amazing spot, what an amazing retreat to be present, healthy and enjoy life."

Tina Jacobson - Bali, May 2015

“I have returned home from the Bali Luxury Health Retreat more motivated than ever to make some positive adjustments to my nutrition and exercise habits. The week away in Bali allowed me the opportunity to take the necessary time out, switch off from life’s little distractions and focus on myself for a full week. Liam’s knowledge of all things nutrition and exercise was inspiring and I found Brodie’s yoga and meditation classes, uplifting. I’m positive I will be able to keep implementing all the good things I learnt, at home.”

Amanda Connor - Bali, July 2014

“Just returned from an amazing week in Bali on the Luxury Health Retreat, it was such a fun filled week with a great balance of fitness, nutrition, and relaxation. I have returned a new woman and will definitely be booking in for a future retreat with Liam and Brodie in another luxurious location! I would definitely recommend a retreat with these guys!!”

Steph Murphy - Bali, July 2014

“The Luxury Health Retreat in Bali was a great experience. It provided the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind while prioritising my health and wellbeing. Liam is very knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness and this stemmed through in the group fitness sessions, nutrition seminars and informal conversations. Brodie who ran the yoga and meditation sessions was also brilliant. I really enjoyed the company of the other participants - we had some good chats and lots of laughs.  The program wasn’t too strict like some other health retreat programs, meaning that we had the afternoons free for swimming, reading and massages. The food, service and location were all fantastic! I now feel invigorated to continue a healthy lifestyle, I highly recommend!”

Kate Sutherland - Bali, July 2014

"I would highly recommend Luxury Health Retreats. Both instructors, Liam (Personal Trainer) and Brodie (Yoga and Meditation Instructor) were highly knowledgeable. I found Liam’s discussions on nutrition most beneficial and helpful, which I will utilise in my day to day life. I would definitely be interested in going to the next health retreat."

Carolyn Haggart - Bali, July 2014